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At The Good Electrical Company, we are renowned for delivering first-rate solar panel P.V installation services, now extending our reach to Exeter. Our skilled team of solar panel installers is committed to helping you tap into the energy of the sun, converting your home or business into an environment-friendly, power-saving haven.

In the city of Exeter, the transformative power of solar energy is evident. Solar panels, visible on the rooftops of many homes, are a testament to the city’s commitment to sustainable living and energy efficiency. 

This shift towards solar power is contributing significantly to the city’s goal of achieving a net zero carbon footprint. 



If you’re considering installing solar panels in Exeter, reach out to us at The Good Electrical Company.  

We offer a comprehensive service, from design to installation, making sure the process is easy and hassle-free for our customers.

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The Benefits of Solar Panel Installation In Exeter

Photovoltaic panels, often referred to as solar panels or PV panels, are becoming increasingly visible across the cityscape of Exeter. Each PV panel consists of interconnected solar cells.

These cells are adept at capturing the abundant sunlight that Exeter enjoys, transforming it into usable electricity. This generated electricity can meet the power needs of Exeter’s homes and businesses, and can also be stored in batteries for use when the sun isn’t shining.

There are numerous benefits to installing solar panels in Exeter, including:

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What you need to know

Solar is the power of the future

To determine the size and capacity of a solar panel system, consider your energy usage, roof space, budget, and local solar irradiance. A professional solar installer can provide a customised assessment and recommend the optimal system size based on these factors.

The amount you save on energy bills after installing solar panels depends on the system’s size, local electricity rates, and your energy consumption patterns. On average, homeowners can expect to save 50-90% on their electricity bills.

The installation process typically takes 3-5 days, depending on the system size and complexity. During installation, the solar installation company will mount solar panels on your roof, connect the panels to an inverter, and integrate the system with your electrical grid.

Most roofs can support the weight of solar panels. However, factors such as roof material, age, and structure can affect suitability. Professional installers can evaluate your roof’s capacity and recommend the best installation approach.

Solar panel systems require minimal maintenance. Regularly removing debris and checking for damage is recommended. Professional inspections and maintenance should be conducted every few years to ensure optimal performance.

The lifespan of a solar panel system is typically 25-30 years. Most solar installation companies offer warranties covering equipment, performance, and workmanship. Equipment warranties typically cover 10-25 years, while workmanship warranties range from 1-10 years.

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